Whether you are having a birthday party, corporate event, engagement party or wedding, there are several enticing reasons for why the presence of live music is a fantastic addition to your list of suppliers. Think about it, you have been or will be investing countless hours of energy and time into planning your event and you want yourself and your guests to have the best time they possibly can. By booking Luke Owens Music, you can be guaranteed the following:


When it comes to live music, there is arguably nothing more important than ensuring that the style of the entertainment is conducive to the enjoyment of guests. Everyone wants something similar; to engage in conversation, indulge in good food and drink and enjoy the backdrop of a confident solo musician singing the songs we all know and love.


Special events are all about creating lasting memories. Singing the song the bride picked as she walks down the aisle at the ceremony, or the song the bride and groom share their first dance to at their reception are a couple of ways in which everyone present can look back on with a smile.


Luke is an ENFJ personality type. He goes above and beyond to genuinely connect with his clients and their guests. Musicians tend to (whether directly or indirectly) become somewhat of a focal point at events and it takes someone who is extroverted and inclusive to ensure that everyone has a genuinely enjoyable time.


Since playing professionally in 2009, Luke has amassed hundreds of popular songs from a range of eras. This enables him to be versatile for any event and be entertaining for any audience. Luke will often receive feedback from event guests, saying they enjoyed the songs he played as they felt there was something for everyone. Moreover, Luke is constantly adding to his set list and always learning new songs with his style applied.


Luke uses a Bose L1 Model II Base Module PA system, widely recognised as one of the most premium sound systems on the market. This combined with a Sennheiser microphone for vocals, Martin and Ovation acoustic guitars with elixir strings, Boss VE-8 Acoustic Singer Pedal for vocal duplication and a Wazinator stompbox with a foot tambourine for percussion makes Luke, at times, sound like a three piece band as opposed to merely a solo musician. Luke has also recently incorporated the harmonica to add yet another element to his performance.

Luke is the ultimate professional, he arrived well before his scheduled start, had high quality equipment and a professional appearance. Luke has performed at a few of our family functions now and we will continue to recommend him and use him again in the future.

– Danica Flett (Married September 8th 2018)